Each pack of The FairBreak Effect NFTs will contain 2 cards of either Team or Player. Player cards come in Base, Gold and Platinum.

Inside each pack will be a random combination of Team and Player cards just as you would expect when buying physical trading cards.

Each Team card will have one tier (base) with their own utility, whereas each Player card will have three levels of rarity, Base, Gold and Platinum, each with their own tier of utility.

Team cards will come with the utility of things such as future events, experiences via coaching session and match day live Dubai and sponsor collaboration.

The Player cards will vary in three different tiers from Base, Gold and Platinum, each coming with their own utility and giving holders access to signed balls, bats, gloves, shirts, stumps and shoes from the players.

As well as access to players and teams through Instagram Live and Discord, match day content, broadcast team and live reads, behind the scenes footage and personal messages from players to you as well as future NFT drops.